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Landlord-Tenant Law governs the legal interactions between residential and commercial landlords and tenants.  In an ideal world, the landlord provides a safe, habitable space and the tenant always pays rent on time.  However, as in any legal relationship, things do not always go according to plan.  In Washington state, several ordinances govern the responsibilities of landlords and tenants, including local laws (such as city ordinances), state laws, and federal laws.  Remedies can include eviction, reduced rent, the right to sue for money damages, and an award of attorney's fees to the successful party.  Our skilled legal team can help you.  We can review and draft leases specific to your jurisdiction and type of rental;  make sure you're in compliance with the law; explain your options; contact your landlord or tenant to negotiate and try to avoid a lawsuit if that is what you want; and we will fight for you in court.  To speak with an experienced attorney, we invite you to call our office. 

Some resources:

Washington Landlord Tenant Laws (RCW 59.07 - 59.30)

Seattle Municipal Code - Duties of Owners and Tenants (SMC 22.206)

Fair Housing Laws and Presidential Executive Order

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